Principal’s Foreword

Welcome to KaylaItines. As the principal of KaylaItines, I am truly honored to be working with a school that embraces the fundamental values of character and leadership building.

We have an amazing and dedicated staff. Together, we will journey with our students to help them unleash their potential within them. We will continue to lay the foundation for student success in school and in life. We look forward to working with parents by creating strong partnership between the home and school.

Being in KaylaItines, we are like a family. A family learns to care and share with each other. Helen Keller once said. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

BBA (Univ. Windsor Canada)

Our Panel of Teachers

BBA (University of Windsor Canada)

Madam Magdalene is the Principal of KaylaItines – a private school offering IGCSE curriculum. For a decade, she has been involved in the education industry. She is passionately involved in developing students in the area of character and leadership. Since the inception of KaylaItines, Mdm Mag (as the students fondly call her), is very involved in establishing the foundation of the school with a team of very experienced teachers to implement activities that will enhance their soft skills that are relevant to their future career.

Mdm Mag started off her career as an Educational Consultant prior to moving on to Singapore Hotel Training and Education Centre (SHATEC) as an Executive. Upon returning to Malaysia, she was in the home-school environment for 10 years as a Facilitator. During her tenure, she had worked with students from ages 13 -19. As part of developing the students outside of academic curriculum, she organized and brought students to undeveloped countries such as Cambodia, Philippines and Myanmar to help students experience life, which she believes can bring an impact upon them.

Mdm Mag holds an honours degree in Bachelor of Administration (Marketing) from University of Windsor, Canada. She also holds a Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology. She loves travelling with family and friends and makes it a point to maintain healthy lifestyle through jogging and cycling.

M.HRM & IR (Newcastle)

Mr Aaron Tan, having served in corporate companies for about 3 years and decided to relinquish his post as Group Accountant at the age of 26 years old to realize his aspiration as an "Edupreneur". He then founded kaylaitines Training & Education (tuition), KaylaItines and PWS Training & Consulting. Each specializes in different scopes of work: (Tuition for the secondary academic studies), (IGCSE curriculum) and (leadership & teambuilding camps organizer).

He holds a Bachelor in Accounting & Business Management (U.K), a Master's Degree in Human Resource & Industrial Relations (Aust). and currently pursuing Doctoral in Business Administration (M'sia). He was vigorously involved in youth movements; The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia and the Y.M.C.A. Kuala Lumpur and held senior executive positions in the local and national level. He was awarded the National Youth Award (Leadership) by the Federal Territory, Ministry of Youths & Sports in Malaysia. Mr Aaron has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Bahasa Malaysia, History and Principle of Accounts. He is also a veteran speaker, trainer and motivator for the youth organizations and schools alike.

BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry (1st Class) (UM)

Miss Chew is a very experienced science teacher, specialising in Chemistry. She has 15 years of experience teaching science subjects to students age 13 to 17, coaching them not just solely to face exams but emphasising on understanding and applications. She started her career as a biochemist in a hospital as soon as she obtained her BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from University of Malaya. She then worked as a nutritionist in a pharmacy. She believes that "knowledge is power" and her desire to contribute to education has led her to work as an editor with a renowned publisher for textbooks and reference books for Malaysian syllabus.

15 years ago, she decided to go into the teaching career and never looked back. The years of working in different industries allowed her to incorporate her working experience in her teaching. She is also the author of science reference books. She has a friendly disposition with a passion for young people.

BSc in Biotechnology (UTAR)

Mr Kenny is passionate yet energetic when it comes to handling teenagers. He has 7 years of teaching experience in Science, Biology and Mathematics for lower and higher secondary KMSM, KSSM, and IGCSE levels. Having experience serving in a public school at a young age, he has worked with and was taken under the wings of experienced teachers and school principals. He is now a seminar speaker who guides students on the syllabus and techniques to approach and answer questions with accuracy. He has even co-authored local Science revision books and is well-known for teaching Science in exciting and interactive ways. His teaching techniques include the ‘Visualisation technique’ and breaking down hard-to-understand facts in the IGCSE syllabus into smaller understandable pieces. When it comes to organising events, Mr Kenny also guides teenagers to take up organising roles to enhance their leadership skills. His philosophy in education is “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book”.


Miss May graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Northumbria. She started work with Citibank at the call centre and moved on to the Loans Department. Subsequently, she joined Manpower recruitment as a recruiter, she was also a financial planner for Prudential for 11 years.

Her passion to influence the younger generation was the sole reason she was actively involved in the Youth and Young Adults’ ministries in the church. In addition to that, she is a licensed TESOL graduate. Her aim is to encourage students to enjoy learning the language; not just academically but to embrace it as a part of their lives. She is also meticulous and well organised in her approach to work; coupled with a friendly disposition, compassionate and caring nature. Her pleasant personality and love for the younger generation have helped her foster good ties with the students; as well as the parents at our Academy. Miss May instils confidence, encouragement and assurance and believes in this, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

BA (Hons) in Advertising (UTAR)

After completing his degree in Advertising, Mr Surin started his career in the creative industry as an advertising copywriter. He then moved to an automotive publication as a content writer and event coordinator. His list of clientele includes Honda, BMW, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Harley Davidson, Ducati, 8TV, Chicken Rice Shop, Pancake House, DubuYo, The Mines, Fujitsu and Proton Edar.

Since he had flexible working hours, Mr Surin joined kaylaitines Training & Education as a part-time tutor. Little did he know he’ll find his calling in teaching. It gave him a sense of fulfilment and he fell in love with it. He believes knowledge is fun and seeks to change the negative perception students have towards learning. His creative and casual approaches to learning makes him a favourite among his students. Since he also happens to be a freelance designer, Mr Surin produces the school’s promotional materials such as the logo, T’s, flyers, banners and videos.

Mr Surin is both physically and academically active. He involves himself in basketball, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and weightlifting to keep his body in shape. He is also pursuing his master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication (USM).


Miss Jie Xin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from University of Malaya, graduating with First Class in Pure Mathematics. She is a confident, enthusiastic and easy-going Mathematics teacher who has a burning passion to share her love of mathematics with everyone. Her teaching prioritizes the students' understanding towards mathematical theories and logical thinking. With more than 4 years of teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics of different syllabi, she has developed her own easy-to-comprehend style of teaching.

Miss Jie Xin is very confident about her ability in delivering curriculum outcomes by planning unique lessons that engage her students. Her proudest achievement so far was helping one of her students to understand and improve in Mathematics from an original 48 marks to 94 marks in just two weeks. She always practices an open-door policy with her students, in hopes to guide them not through just memorization alone, but to understand the principles and concepts behind mathematical theories.


Madam Susan Chua has been a teacher for more than 40 years. She has experience in Montessori, Preschool, Primary, Secondary, College and Train the Trainers programme. She also had experience teaching English in Auckland, New Zealand. She was an Education Officer teaching the English Language from 1992 to 2008 in Brunei Darussalam. Below are the records of her duties and responsibilities:

Assistant Head of English Department
School Magazine Editor
Oral English Examiner for ‘O' Level, ‘N' Level and IGCSE
Head of English Club
Secretary of ASEAN Corner
School Newspaper Reporter
In charge of ‘Borneo Bulletin' Guest

She is a very effective teacher and very popular with the students, staff, parents and school community. She is accommodating, approachable, open and jovial. Her passion for teaching is well respected by the school administration, her colleagues and students. Since joining ‘kaylaitines Training and Education', the SPM English examination has improved tremendously; whereby she has produced ‘A' and many strong credits.

With her ability, vast experience, qualification and positive attitude towards work, we have great confidence that she will guide our students at our Academy in the English Language.


Miss Grayce Lim graduated with an honors degree in Marketing from Charles Sturt University, Australia. Upon graduation, she joined a leading firm as a Marketing Executive and moved up to be the Division Head. Two years after, she started her career path as a full time tutor till present. She has more 27 years of experience in the education industry, teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Miss Grayce possesses excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. She finds great passion in teaching as well as communicating with the new generation today especially teenagers. It is a challenging task and she tries every moment to take full responsibility as a friend and a guide to the students. In short, she believes that by doing what she loves, she will inspire and awaken the hearts of others.


Alex Lim has been teaching high school students in Physics and Science since 2014. He graduated from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) at Byrom Street, Liverpool with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Eng Hons.) in Mechatronics Engineering. Right after graduation, he worked in Singapore as a Project Engineer/Turnaround Planner for PEC LTD, in the oil and gas industry. He helped ExxonMobil and Shell in mapping out detailed work plans, activities and tasks for plant turnarounds. As a planner, he successfully handed in 969 job packages and was involved in two major plant turnarounds in 2013 at Jurong Island and Bukom Island, Singapore. Part of being a planner, he was required to explain and present job scopes to the supervisors and workers. He was good at helping others understand and learn what was needed of them and how things work, which is why when he finally returned to Malaysia, he started teaching as a profession.

With experience as an Engineer and a good understanding of Physics, he is able to see how most of the things around him function and how much more effective things could be done. This has benefited him greatly and his goal is to share this ability with as many people as possible and to every student, he meets; hoping that it could create some interest and awareness that would greatly improve their lives as well. Believe it or not, the advancement of technology and science will one day determine the survival of mankind.


Miss Michelle Lee holds a Degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biotechnology from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and has 3 years of technical experience in the scientific field. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Medical Science in University Malaya in Malaysia. She teaches Biology and Chemistry from Year 7 to 9 at our Academy. She is dedicated and committed to the academic growth of her students.

Furthermore, she believes that communication between teachers and students play a key role in learning; as students should never be afraid to voice out their opinions and uncertainties. She also aims to make science interesting for her students by conducting experiments to explain scientific questions. By performing more practical sessions and hands-on activities, she believes that it will help students to understand and gain interest in science. Her main goal is to inspire future scientists in the hopes of creating a better world for future generations.


Sanchia is an ex-student of KaylaItines and one of the top scorers of her batch. During her time as a student, she actively contributed to the school’s growth by taking up challenging leadership roles, displayed creative problem-solving skills and mingled with students of all ages professionally. Sanchia is experienced in managing young students, guiding them and communicating with great patience to get her message across efficiently. Her outstanding maturity and talent attracted the management to make her part of our team of teachers. She now spearheads the primary classes in the academy. Sanchia also teaches character studies and conducts creative art classes, where the students are trained to perform singing, dancing, acting and other applied performances to build their confidence.

Sanchia is loved by her students for her caring and pleasant nature. She is alert and willing to learn from others to improve herself further. Sanchia often strives to provide a better experience and learning environment for her students to nurture their physical and mental growth.

Degree in Early Childhood (University of Malaya)

Fondly known as “Cikgu Dini” among the students, Cikgu Nurdini Hayati is loved for her jovial personality. Her passion for teaching started 10 years ago when she taught pre-schoolers due to her interest in dealing with toddlers. She then proceeded to pick up her formal education in Islamic Early Childhood Education before furthering her Degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Malaya. During her studies, Cikgu Dini continued to teach students of all ages as a home tutor, focusing on Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, Fardu Ain, as well as guiding children with autism and Down’s syndrome. Upon graduating, she has been teaching at a tuition centre as a Bahasa Malaysia teacher. She joined our team of teachers in 2019, teaching the Malay Language across all levels.